I thought I wouldn’t be able to merge this blog with my new blog. I mean, when it comes to tweaking and configuring wordpress, I am still a beginner. I’m still learning and gladly I still have the chance to learn and expand my vantage point. Happily, one of my friend and her heymissadventures  told me about using wordpress Jetpack plugin. I already saw this plugin when I was frantically searching for a “Like” button for my page. It was not that enticing for me, seeing that there were other offers in the plugin. I skipped it and got a plugin that will count the likes of post but based on social networking site such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + and the like.

It was okay. And I was also searching for a follow/subscribe plugin and I found some useful plugin– but for bloggers like me who started it out with wordpress, I definitely would prefer the like and follow button from wordpress and all the additional things that wordpress can offer. I thought that those convenient tools will not be accessible for a beginner like me– so I thought.

Yesterday, I visited my friend’s blog and was surprised when I saw the wordpress like button. I was really amazed and contacted her through skype and asked about it. And she told me that it was really Jetpack. I was excited to go home yesterday, though I went home at around one in the morning due to a project, it didn’t hinder me from downloading and activating and configuring the jetpack plugin.

I was really happy at that time. The other stuff that the Jetpack plugin has where the things that I was looking for: from the like button, the stat reader up to the follow button. And I guess now, I am really happy and somewhat contented with my blog.

For you dear follower and reader, you can follow my new Inks and Scribbles blog. My own domain name and my own little world. And thank you very much heymissadventures. 😛


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    • Yes girl.. I’m so sorry for the late reply. I was out for an overtime work and had a soccer game this afternoon. My phone was a little bit shy– I accidentally left it at home. Yes that one is also from Jetpack. 😀

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