A new beginning

Dear followers,

Thank you for following this blog.

I am a frustrated writer– yes, until now, I still consider myself as a beginner in the art of writing. I am still a frustrated writer who writes and publish not so good  things in the internet. But hey, that is my personal standards in blogging. That doesn’t mean that I am not happy with that thinking– to tell you the truth, I think I am improving. Little by little my writing skills is getting there, wherever it might take me.

I am migrating to my own blog now. This is a new beginning for me. A new chapter, a new challenge. It will surely teach me an in-depth knowledge about wordpress. Yes, I am still using the free CMS of WordPress. I like it and I always will.

So here’s a link to my new blog– Inks and Scribbles. I’ll still open this account in wordpress. I can’t miss the updates from the great blogs that I am following here. And of course, I love my morning session with freshly pressed.

Thank you and see you around folks.

-Gee  :p


One thought on “A new beginning

  1. I believe you can redirect your wordpress blog to your domain. I don’t know where it is exactly though and if it works in wp.com. I think I tried it before, but it wp.org, can’t remember. Hahahaha. You might wanna give it a try. 😛

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